Sunday, October 31, 2010

Block 6: Week 2 - Egg and Pasta

I am officially half way done school. Five and a half months over. Already. Time is flying by so fast.

I was on the egg and pasta station this week. It's actually a fun station because we do the a la carte specials. A couple of the dishes served in the cafeteria are actually cooked to order - so the customer will order, someone from the line comes back to the classroom to tell us, and then we prepare the dish and bring it out to the customer. This week, the specials were a spinach and pesto calzone, penne with tomato sauce and chorizo and garlic toast, and a denver omelette. We also make a vegeterian entree, which was eggplant rouleden stuffed with ricotta and sundried tomatoes. Unfortunately, I didn't get to do the a la carte cooking much because I had to work on the cafeteria line to replace someone who was absent. I still had a pretty fun week though.

At the hotel, I was alone on Monday. Working alone isn't much fun. I sliced duck, baked tart shells, seared chicken skewers, and spent the rest of the time making mushroom ravioli. I stayed late to try to finish the ravioli so one of the cooks offered me steak and mashed potatoes for dinner, which was delicious. Thursday started off pretty boring, chopping herbs and peeling potatoes, but towards the end, we helped to plate two banquets. I also got to go to one of the banquets to sauce the plate just before they were served. Pretty fun.

On Saturday, I helped out with a Team Canada fundraising event. I worked with the chef making the appetizers, so I just helped plate the canapes. Afterwards, we were watching the entrees being plating, and I noticed that one plate was being sent out missing the sauce on the ravioli. Bruno Marti was very happy that I caught that, and I think that's why Chef JC later invited me to check out the junior Team Canada fundraising lunch on Tuesday.

The best day this week was Wednesday, walking to Noodle Box, having Starbucks, and hanging out in the park by the Burrard Street bridge.

Next week - meat station.

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