Sunday, November 7, 2010

Block 6: Week 3 - Meat

This was a frustrating week. A couple of people in my group are particularly weak. I'm learning that I have a hard time dealing with people that need their hands held in the kitchen. Some people are also really messy and are just ok with leaving their mess for other people (ie me) to clean up for them. Sometimes I feel like I'm babysitting.

I did have fun making our dishes though. This week, the meat menu included Hungarian goulash with spaetzle, Jamaican jerk chicken, meatloaf with sundried tomato sauce, and roast chicken with lardons of double smoked bacon, mushrooms, and pearl onions. I also really enjoyed working with our new chef. He really appreciates organization, which I can relate to, he gives great and interesting lectures, and the best part is that he will spend time teaching all students, not just working with the weaker students. I learned a lot from him this week.

I didn't get to go to the junior Team Canada lunch that Chef JC mentioned last week - I guess he forgot that he invited me. There were some fun afternoons this week though, specifically Carlos, ramen, and bowling.

Next week - vegetable station.

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