Sunday, October 3, 2010

Block 5: Week 2 - Lamb and Production

I had a fun week. First of all, my group this month is amazing. It's almost the group I would put together if I could pick my own group. Most of the time, we are joking around and laughing. It's great. Slightly less good is that I have been sick for about a week now, probably because I don't have any time to rest and get better. I'm almost back to healthy now though, finally.

This week, we were on the lamb station. So on Monday, we deboned a lamb shoulder and a lamb leg. On Tuesday, we deboned the lamb loin and Frenched a rack of lamb. On Thursday, we took apart the whole lamb just like chef did last week in the demo. It wasn't too hard, so I'm excited to buy large pieces of lamb from the butcher and debone them myself at home now.

My group was also responsible for daily production. So every morning, we took all the leftovers from lunch and dinner the day before in the cafeteria and package them up to be sold in the store. We also packaged any extra meat that we butchered in class that doesn't get used in any other class at school, and we also cook food from the extra meat, such as sausage patties, flank steak roulade, and chicken wings. Chef lets us taste a lot of the things we cook, which is great.

At the hotel this week, the highlights were getting to skin and portion fish on Monday, and then working at the pasta action station at a function on Thursday.

This morning, a couple of people from school and A came by the restaurant for brunch. Matty sent them an appetizer and a couple of desserts on the house. It was fun having them there.

Next week - fish and poultry station.

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