Saturday, June 26, 2010

Block 2: Week 1 - Cold Breakfast

Another week has flown by. Block 2 is breakfast, and my group started off in cold breakfast. We were responsible for making muffins, scones, muesli, fruit cups, and granola for the cafeteria each day.

It's a lot different from Block 1 because we're responsible for a lot more. No one tells you what to do, and everyone is kind of doing their own thing, so we're starting to see people's strengths and weaknesses in the kitchen. We get to be a bit more creative too as we get to decide the special each day.

Next week, my group is cooking hot breakfast in the cafeteria. It'll be our first opportunity to do line cooking at school. I've been practicing my over easy eggs because that's the hardest one to master. We have to flip the eggs (twice), and with our left hand. Should be fun :)

Come by the school between 7:30 and 9:00 for cheap breakfast this week if you're interested - but don't order eggs over easy!

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