Saturday, June 19, 2010

Block 1: Days 17 to 19

I'm sad to say Block 1 is now over. It's crazy how fast four weeks has gone by.

On Wednesday, we made some muffins and cookies that weren't especially good. Oh, A and I tried the apple pie and it was not good at all. No butter in the crust is not a good idea. It tasted like the worst grocery store pie I've ever eaten.

Thursday and Friday at school were a bit more interesting because the class was asked to prepare canapes for the graduation ceremony happening Friday evening. So we were divided into groups and we each prepared about forty pieces of two different canapes. My group made smoked duck with peach chutney and brunoise of strawberry, and shrimp mousse in cherry tomatoes.

I also stayed after class on Wednesday and Thursday to prepare other food for the graduation, which was a lot of fun. We didn't make anything too interesting, mostly just cutting vegetables and cheese and preparing sandwiches, but I got to meet some people from other blocks, and I also got to work with JC, the director of the culinary program. I was one of two people who volunteered to help on both days, and on the second day, JC actually put me in charge. A bit scary, but it felt good to be acknowledged as someone capable of leading. But something not so good - on Wednesday, I cut my thumb while I was cutting carrots, and somehow JC had heard about it by Thursday. Very embarrassing.

Block 2, we'll be cooking breakfast in the cafeteria. We work in groups, and it will be the same group for the whole month. My group is starting off on cold breakfast, which is muffins and granola and stuff like that. We rotate each week to the other stations - hot breakfast, hot sandwiches, and cold sandwiches. Should be fun.

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