Saturday, September 18, 2010

Block 4: Week 4 - Vegetables

Vegetable station wasn't the most exciting week, probably because it was pretty easy. I made carrots vichy (carrots braised in water and butter), scallopped potatoes (which was the most stressful because I was cooking them in an oven that wasn't working, so I barely got them out in time), turnips glazed with brown sugar (gross), roasted acorn squash, and potatoes berny (mashed potato balls breaded with sliced almonds and then deep fried).

The hotel this week wasn't too exciting either. I made tartare sauce on Monday and cut a lot of veggies for stir fry and soup on Thursday.

The highlight of the week was probably my interview at Rogers Arena (formerly GM Place). I applied to be a second cook for this season. I met with Chef and with B and I was nervous they were going to ask me a lot of technical questions, but mostly they just wanted to know about my experiences at school and work over the summer. They seemed really happy that I showed so much interest and they thought I did great work last season, so they gave me the promotion on the spot. They also told me I'd be working in a different kitchen. The set up is similar to BBC, in that it's buffet style and there are action stations and the menu changes every night, so it should be somewhat familiar. I'm excited to work with different people and learn some new dishes. Another good thing is that the restaurant is on the 200 level, so when I'm at an action station, I can see the whole ice and watch the game. Should be a fun season.

Next week - Block 5 - butchery.

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