Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Block 4: Week 2 - Fish

This week, I was on the fish station. Over the course of the week, I made poached salmon with tomato basil cream sauce, salmon brochettes with peppers and red onion and an orange ginger glaze, pan fried sole with a lemon caper brown butter sauce, and a mixed seafood curry.

We had a new chef for the week as our regular chef was away. The first day was really stressful because she was so different from our regular chef. She got really panicked that we weren't going to get our food out on time, even though everyone was doing just fine. As we got to know her better throughout the week, things improved, which is good because we will probably have her again in Block 6 and Block 9.

I also worked on the cafeteria line this week serving the dinner. It was not especially exciting because we probably only did about 30 covers a night. So there was a lot of standing around with not much to do. But A came for dinner on Friday and thought the food was good, so that was fun.

I went for brunch with a friend this week at Paul's Place Omelettery. He also works brunch on weekends, so we were both really happy to sit down and enjoy a delicious breakfast not cooked by us.

Work was extremely busy this long weekend. We did the most covers I've ever done, 130, both Saturday and Sunday, which is more covers than the restaurant does for dinner sometimes. Thankfully Monday was rainy, so it was a lot slower. I also found out Lady Gaga came to the restaurant for lunch when she was in town for her show. I wish I had been there that day!

Next week - meat station.

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