Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Job Application

A lot has happened since yesterday.

Last night, I finalized my resume and cover letter and hand-delivered it to my future employer. I also emailed a copy to B, the sous chef, just to make sure he received it. Then this morning, I got an email from B saying that the kitchen is doing interviews this Friday and there a couple of spots still available. There is also a job fair next week, but for all types of jobs, not just the kitchen.

Nervously, I called him to arrange an interview time. He encouraged me to come in on Friday since the job fair will be pretty chaotic. But the best part of the conversation was when he mentioned that he talked to his chef about my situation. They are both willing to give me a shot, so the interview is essentially a formality. That definitely calmed my nerves in some aspects, but as soon as I hung up the phone, my heart was still racing, I think because I realize that now, it's for real. I'm scared, but excited at the same time.

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