Monday, September 14, 2009

Almond Croissant

We finally found it - the best almond croissant in the city. Maybe ever.

Reading all about food last week on the internet lead me to an article written about food in Vancouver that happened to mention "unparrelled almond croissants." I would never pass up an opportunity to follow up on an almond croissant recommendation, so this weekend, A and I optimistically made the trip up to North Van.

Our journey took us to the Thomas Haas patisserie, located in a strange, almost industrial-looking area of the city. You definitely wouldn't expect to find scads of people sitting outside one of the storefronts, sipping cappucinos and nibbling on pastries, but we did.

Inside the shop was pretty chaotic - people lined up, servers rushing around, customers seated in every nook and cranny of the tiny space. But we spotted the croissants and immediately knew we were in for a treat.

We ordered one each, one once-baked and one twice-baked, but there's really no need to mention the twice-baked version anymore since the former is by far the superior croissant. We sat outside on the bed of the truck and enjoyed the best croissant we've ever had. The pastry was exactly what you imagine for a perfect croissant - light and flaky, and the almond was fresh, not too sweet, and went all the way to the ends. As A describes it, magic.

P.S. I also got officially offered the job of third cook this weekend. The new hire orientation is tomorrow. Ahh!

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  1. amazing!! amazing!!
    jack told me about this and i think it's perfect, absolutely perfect.
    i just read all your entries and you're made for this! i told her and I'm telling you, i'll fly anywhere for your food :)
    good luck and i'll be reading!