Saturday, March 26, 2011

Block 11: Week 2 - Appetizers

My group was on appetizers this week, so I made a fraser valley greens salad with shaved vegetables, panko crusted goat cheese, and a truffle vinaigrette, french onion soup with braised short rib, and buttermilk fried chicken with creamy coleslaw. The one dish I didn't get to make was the mushroom risotto because Friday was buffet night. Appetizer station didn't really get to make much for the buffet because Block 9 makes all the salads, but we are changing to a spring menu next week, so I tested out one of the new appetizers, a tomato tart with puff pastry, goat cheese, basil, and balsamic reduction. I was also a floater one day, so I used up some leftover shrimp to make a wonton-wrapped shrimp for an amuse bouche.

There was an outside catering event that our station helped with by making citrus aioli (I burnt the citrus reduction - extremely irritating - and split the aioli twice), saffron risotto balls, tomato bocconcini skewers, and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus.

Outside of school, had lunch at La Taqueria and sushi at Zero One. We also went to Glowbal for the other A's birthday lunch, which was really delicious. His birthday drinks were fun, especially when we ran into some of F's co-workers. One invited me to lunch at Al Porto the next day, where we got a free antipasto platter, served to us by F.

Next week - desserts.

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