Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Block 10: Week 4 - Vegetables

A nice week to end the block. Vegetable station was relatively easy.

I was really only on the station for three days. My first day, I made potato wedges roasted in duck fat. I was supposed to just bring them to a simmer in a pot before roasting them, but I guess the pot boiled, so chef wasn't too happy with me for overcooking the potatoes. But they still turned out ok, and in fact, they were pretty delicious. The next day I was on soup, so I made a lentil soup with double smoked bacon and ham hock, garnished with an herb cracker. I was pretty happy with how the soup turned out, really tasty with a nice creamy texture.

Not too much exciting happened outside of school this week.

Next week - Block 11, last month of school.

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