Monday, July 26, 2010

Raincity Grill

I just got a new job. I now work at Raincity Grill. It's right at English Bay, so it has a beautiful view, and it's a very busy part of the city. A and I have eaten there once before, and the food is really good. It's also the home of the first 100 mile menu, so everything is sourced locally.

I actually got the job through a chef at school. He asked me if I was looking for a job, and when I said yes, he connected me with a girl who works at Raincity who told me they were looking for a brunch cook. I was excited because I knew it was a good restaurant, and the schedule was perfect for me because I only want to work weekends. She told me to drop my resume off the next day, which I did. I met the sous chef, Matt, who told me he would contact me after the weekend. But he actually called back a couple of hours later. He asked me to come in for a stage the next weekend. I was actually in Red Lake, but he was ok with me coming in the following Saturday.

The stage did not get off to a great start because I went there on about three hours of sleep. The detour in Golden took a lot longer than we thought it would, so we got home at 3am. And I couldn't really sleep in the car because I had to keep talking to A so he wouldn't fall asleep at the wheel. So I was pretty tired, but somehow I did a good enough job that they wanted to hire me. Yesterday was my first official day.

The brunch menu is really nice, and so much better than at Glass City. We actually make hollandaise from scratch. So both days, Matt, who I'll be working with going forward, trained me. I start at 7am and basically do prep for my station for three hours before service starts at 10. Then it's just trying to keep up with orders until service ends at 2:30, or shortly thereafter. Once we clean up, we help with prep for the dinner cooks. It's a long day, but it goes by really fast.

There are two stations - one makes eggs and potatoes, and the other (mine) does mostly everything else. I'm on the grill, so I do toast, bacon, sausages, and French toast. I also do the cold breakfast, like yogurt, and all the salads. Raincity also offers a two-course prix fixe menu, so I got to learn how restaurants deal with more than one course.

The first two days were a little overwhelming - there's so much to learn. But I'm really happy.

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