Sunday, August 8, 2010

Block 3: Week 2 - Cold Salads

Cold salads was not the most exciting week. Luckily it was only a four day week. Each day, we were assigned two different salads to put out for lunch in the cafeteria. Most days, it was pretty easy to get the salads done and out on time. However, with only four of us in the group, one of whom is absent at least one day a week, it made for a couple of more challenging days. Certain salads (crudites and a mixed green salad) had to go out every day, no matter what, so we had to recruit help from another group a couple of times, and I made three salads one day. But it keeps things interesting I guess.

The first day, I made pesto macaroni salad and a honey roasted beet salad. Both of them were prepped for me by the previous group, so it was an easy day for me. The next day was the most time consuming because I had to make a fruit salad and chow mein noodle salad. Peeling and dicing all the fruit took forever, and the noodle salad was filled with julienne vegetables.

Thursday was the day I dreaded most because I had to cut 2.5kg of carrots into batons (sticks) for a carrot salad with raisins and almonds. But I think that was my favourite salad. I just blanched the carrot sticks, added raisins, sliced almonds, and finely diced red onions, and tossed it with a dressing of mayonnaise, lemon juice, honey, ground cumin, and chives. I also made a mixed vegetable salad, filled with a variety of blanched vegetables. Not too interesting.

Friday I made an Asian green bean salad and Greek salad. Neither was very hard, so I made the extra green salad that day.

We had a fire alarm at school this week. Someone in Block 6 spilled some grease from Yorkshire puddings and it caught fire. The whole school was evacuated for half an hour. But I ran into a girl who does a lot of volunteering at school who invited me to help out with a Team Canada culinary event in a couple of weeks. I don't know exactly what is involved or what the event is, but apparently it will be "a good opportunity to mingle and get my name out there." Should be interesting. But I am more looking forward to a farm tour that only four students were invited to go on. Again, I don't know many details, but I will be missing school that day. I can't wait.

Next week - stocks.

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