Sunday, January 17, 2010

Resignation, Interview, and Olympics

Another crazy week has gone by. The biggest update is that my leave of absence was overturned. My boss asked HR about my leave and was told that policy says that personal leaves are only granted for six months or less. So I have resigned. My boss announced it to the whole office a couple of days ago. Everyone was really supportive and excited for me, which was really nice.

I have one week left, and I couldn't be more excited. I'll be really busy trying to finish everything up and pass things off to others, but it's ok because I have Hawaii to look forward to. I can't wait!

On the same day that I tendered my resignation, I applied for another job. Some of our favourite restaurants belong to a restaurant group, and they were having a job fair for jobs during the Olympics and afterwards. I went there first thing in the morning and there was already a line up of people. I expected to have to wait forever, but I was only person there who was looking for a kitchen job (everyone else was a server, I guess). There was someone there waiting to do kitchen interviews, but the executive chef from one of the restaurants we go to a lot was there and he recognized me, so he said he wanted to do the interview. We sat down and he wanted to know my story, because he was surprised to see me looking for a cooking job. But we talked really openly and had a really good conversation. He seemed to think I would fit in well, so hopefully that is a good sign. And they were looking for people in all the restaurants, I think, so I hope that means I'll be able to get something. I'm looking forward to learning how a real restaurant works.

Finally, my work schedule for the Olympics came out yesterday. I love my schedule - no overnight shifts, and I'll be working all three Canada games as well as the gold medal game. I picked up my accreditation today (my picture is pretty hideous - no smiling), but it makes it all seem real. I can't believe the Olympics is only a few weeks away. So excited!

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