Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dinner at PICA

Something we have always wanted to do is eat a meal at each of the culinary schools in the city. Great food at relatively inexpensive prices - perfect.

Our first was at PICA which offers Market Mondays. Every week is a different $20 3-course fixed price menu. As usual, A and I ordered one of each item and shared. The appetizers were clam chowder or salad with panko-crusted prawns. Entree choices were bacon wrapped beef tenderloin or arctic char with spinach sauce (both plates came with these delicious bites of carrot, which we found out were cooked in a simple syrup). For dessert, there was chocolate filled donuts or vanilla ice cream. All the menu descriptions sounded much more appetizing than my simple explanations - something I'll need to work on before I try writing any menus!

Everything was delicious, and often we were pleasantly surprised at the taste. Presentations were also excellent. Students were working the front of the house, and our only criticism would be the knowledge of the servers. We tried to ask lots of questions and they often had to go back to the kitchen to get the answers. But overall, it was a fun night. We would definitely go back.

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